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Five Summers Education Group offers education services to help every student achieve his or her educational goals. We believe that high standards along with research-based strategies and professional guidance to help students meet those standards are the keys to success. 

Latest News
🎊 2022 ED/EA Results

December 23, 2022

2022 is a year full of both opportunities and challenges. The Five Summers team has been committed to serving our students and achieving outstanding results. We have achieved a 68% success rate with our ED/EA Applications for U.S. universities and we are especially proud that all students who applied to NYU Stern, NYU Tisch and NYU CAS have recieved their offers. 

NYU is one of the most popular universities after the Ivy Leagues, with high admission standards and a declining admission rate. Nonetheless, nine of our students were admitted to NYU in 2021. This year, with our extensive experience and strong expertise, our admission rate of NYU has increased to 100%!

As of today, our students have recieved ED/EA offers from the following universities: Columbia University, Johns Hopkins University, NYU Stern School of Business, NYU Tisch School of the Arts, NYU College of Arts & Sciences, Rice University, Chapman College of Film and Media Arts, Babson College School of Business, Santa Clara University, and our students have received a total of $56,000 in scholarships. We are overjoyed to share this wonderful news with you during this holiday season. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

2022 Summer Courses

June 25, 2022

Five Summers summer courses are now open for registration. We offer AP courses, specialty English courses, math courses, sciences, business&finance courses, you name it! Parents and students are welcome to contact our customer service to register. 

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