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To keep up with the increasingly competitive nature of elite college admissions in North America, parents choose private education for their children. Private schools help set a solid foundation in rigorous academic studies and extensive extracurricular development that prepare students for college life and beyond. Five Summers enables students achieve their goals by building personalized application portfolios to maximize success in accessing the best of private education.


Our program consists of the following services:

Personalized Admissions Report

Evaluation of a student’s background in academic, personal, & extracurricular areas

School Selection Plan

Introduce general information on US/Canadian private schools and craft a school selection plan based on evaluation of a student’s background and expectations.

Application Material Advice

Assistance with application essays, activity sheet, awards and teachers' recommendation letters.  

Extracurricular Plan

​Create and develop an extracurricular plan and action plan base on the student's strengths, background and target school requirements.

Interview Prep

Develop interview strategies and learn interview etiquette to present confidence and experience

Application Follow-up

Support students during the application process with supplementary material updates and counselling final attendance decisions

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