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About Us

Professional and Attentive Care for Each and Every One of Our Students

Our Story

Launched in California, Five Summers Education Group offers professional and personalized services to help every student achieve his or her educational goals. We guide students to get into their dream universities and prepare them for a bright future.

We believe each student has great potential to develop. We help each student individually to draft strategic plans for university preparation. We aim to encourage not only development of knowledge but also cultivation of efficient study habits and a positive mindset.

Our Mission

We focus on empowering young people to discover their own potential and developing their character. Our rigorous and research-backed education methodologies help students improve communication, critical reading, and university-level writing skills. 

With our wealth of experience and our passion for education, Five Summers motivates each student by matching him or her with the best-fit advisor to help develop interests and achieve goals, ensuring that each student receives the best personalized advice.

Our Success

In our experience, successful university admission is the natural result of the combination of strategic planning and students’ hard work. Over the years, Five Summers has helped hundreds of students get into top universities in the US, Canada, and the UK.

Over the past six years, Five Summers has continuously helped students get into their dream schools, including Harvard, Princeton University, Stanford University, Yale University, Columbia University, the Wharton School,Williams College, Swarthmore College, among many others.


Louis Z.

Duke University

"The Five Summers advisors are friends and counsellors in one. My advisor worked tirelessly throughout the entire process to make sure I reached my full potential. It was refreshing to me and reassuring to my parents that I was being helped by advisors who truly care."

Jamie L.

Columbia University

"Five Summers made all the difference in my applications. When I came to Five Summers, I had no idea if I was a competitive applicant. With my advisor's advice on extracurriculars and guidance on essays, I got into Columbia! Most importantly I learned so much in the process that I will take with me to university next year!"

Yelena C.

New York University

"Five Summers made my university application process so much easier. I received great help and support from all the dedicated advisors. I’m super grateful to have them by my side through this journey. I would not have gotten into my dream university without them!!” 

Tommy W.

Wharton Business School 

"Huge shout out to Evan for being not only my mentor but also my friend throughout this process. Getting into Wharton wasn't an easy task and just editing my essays certainly didn't cut it. Evan and Five Summers offered me valuable career, school, and other practical advices that will go a long way in my life. I'm grateful for his constantly pushing me beyond my comfort zone - for what it's worth, it has gotten me somewhere."

David W.

UC Berkeley

"I was accepted to UC Berkeley, Cornell, and JHU! This university experience has been fun and I've learned a lot throughout the process. I just wanted to thank Five Summers for all the help. Couldn't have done it without you!"

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